in your space : erin considine

There’s just something so inspirational about workshop spaces, isn’t there? Ringo, have a banana features jewelry designer Erin Considine; snapping shots of her doing her thing in her little sun-washed studio…

On another note. I keep trying to keep up with posts but the time just gets away from me! I am going to try harder, but the end of summer has brought about birthdays, baby showers, and unexpected vacations { not that I am complaining } ! On top of that, I am about halfway through season one of Friday Night Lights and it’s that time of day ; )


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gorgeous things & interiors from paul raeside

I stumbled across these amazing photos – of amazing interior spaces – taken by Paul Raeside. His portfolio includes images shot for Decor, Homes & Houses, and Houses & Homes. More stunning photography can be found on his website here.

enjoy & be inspired ; )


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a set designers apartment & studio in brooklyn

“Every year, just as the holiday season begins, the windows of the big department stores turn into imaginative wonder worlds and Johanna Burke is one of the masterminds behind the spectacle. She welcomed us with open arms and when scheduling a time for the interview she already was in the final production stages of her holiday display at Bergdorf Goodman. With foresight she summoned us to her place just a couple hours before the sun was about to set and invited us to a stunning nature show – certainly also keeping in mind how the lighting will affect the photography.

She was a fantastic host and we literally hung out most of the interview on her couch, enjoyed some sparkling wine and in the end witnessed a stunning sunset from her panoramic window overlooking the East River and Downtown Manhattan. She not only showed us to her wonderful apartment but also walked us through long, spooky concrete corridors of the building – mainly inhabited by artists – to her studio where she was working on the final touches to her holiday windows devoted to the theme ‘Carnival of the animals.”

For the full interview, and more fantastic images, click here!