working with a small space

In Rue Magazine’s January issue we Get Into the Works and explore a Seattle designers picture-perfect home & office. Brian Paquettes 220-square-foot Capitol Hill studio doubles as a live/work space where functionality was a reigning goal.

Tips & Hints…

a: storage IS and will ALWAYS be an issue

b: there is no substitute for cleanliness & organization when living in small home

c: so, purge what you don’t use

d: find dual purpose decor that works just as hard as you do

e: a large floor mirror leaning against the wall is a classic visual trick for making a space seem twice the size!

To read the full article in Rue Magazine click ME. To check out Brian Paquettes website click ME (he runs a full service decorating firm based in Seattle). And, last but not least, to follow Brian’s blog click ME.


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