the weekly four no.01

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Easy does it… It’s been a while, OK a long while. But I am determined to find the time to dedicate to the A&O. I must! I’ve been wrapped up in travelling, both professionally / personally (Paris & Alsace / Morocco & London ) so there will be much more to come on that soon. Mixed in with all of that has been a lot of renovation madness which, at times, can be so much fun and, at other times, can cause a fair amount of stress. Learning to work with it is an exercise in patience that’s for sure!

Anyways, here we go… a new project for weekly inspiration – on a Monday  – to start the week off motivated and creatively charged!

Talk soon xx

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latest finds


Just a few of the latest and greatest must have items I’ve come cross lately… especially if you are already looking towards { and forward to ! } Spring and even more specifically, because the prices are quite a steal!

GAP Printed Crew Sweater – $49
Constellation Pendants { Julie Nolan Jewelry on Esty } – from $45
JOE FRESH nail polish in Mango – $4
ZARA denim jacket – $39


merry christmas from the a&o


Well, it’s been a while hasn’t it! The computer was in the shop and it’s taken quite some time to get it all reorganized and to get my blog-necessary programs all reinstalled. What a pain, eh! But, I’m still here and looking forward to a very Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays to all ; )


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statement sweater: all is fair

There’s a new cool kid in town. Fair Isle sweaters may have been an ‘ugly Christmas sweater‘ thing of the past but now, when done right, are super comfy, cozy, and cute for the cooler season. Bundle up, it’s getting chilly out there!!


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resort life

I am in love with everything about Figue. Stephanie von Watzdorf has designed a year-round-vacation-ready collection meant to be worn any place any time;

Figue (pronounced fig) is a new luxury collection for women created by Stephanie von Watzdorf. Named for the ancient fruit Stephanie enjoyed as a child in Italy, Figue is defined by a global gypsy-meets-jet-set spirit—bringing together the urban energy of Paris and London with the natural beauty of the Mediterranean and Stephanie’s passion for travel. Figue’s core items consist of tunics, kaftans, shirtings, dresses, denim and accessories in colorful, global-inspired prints. One-of-a-kind items—such as reclaimed military jackets, embellished with hand beading, and found limited-edition jewelry and bags—recreate the experience of finding those unique treasures on one’s travels.

Her website is brand new and I don’t doubt that it will be getting a lot of traffic with these amazing vacation inspired style pieces.


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fall style: military jackets

I am crushing big time on this trend and seeing it everywhere! Military style jackets just seem to go with any look; from a white tee to a party dress! How would you wear it?? xx

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sweater weather

OK, well, not quite yet. But, it is already September and I can’t believe how quickly this summer flew by. With the last long weekend of l’été behind us (did y’all have a good one?) we can start to look forward to a beautiful autumn!


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rag & bone + kate moss

Love them both and excited to see her staring in their first ad campaign…

It’s a big day for rag & bone! The brand debuted its first-ever advertising campaign, which features Kate Moss photographed by Craig McDean on the deserted streets of North London. Elsewhere in the city (Chelsea, specifically), David Neville and Marcus Wainwright will open the doors to their first European store tomorrow. The space will be used for rag & bone’s presentation during London Fashion Week, following its runway show in New York on September 7.

For good measure, I also threw in their new Jodhpur Jeans that I am currently coveting.


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madewell for spring and summer

The Madewell spring/summer look book is filled with lots of cute mix and match pieces. It leaves me feeling spring-y and fun, and loving the casual looks. For more from their lookbook click here!

It sure is spring-y outside… April Showers! But there is still lots of running around to be done. Even if I am incredibly sore from a 3hr spin at Quad yesterday (omg!)

here’s to happy { rainy } Sundays ; )


atlas assortment no.05

It’s a beautiful, sunny, and warm Sunday morning! What a fine day for walking the pug, getting some errands done, celebrating mums birthday … and putting together a new assortment of items, enjoy ;)


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the rag & bone diy project: miranda by miranda

rag & bone has taken a new approach with their latest campaign. A few of their favorite models interpret rag & bone in their own personal way – no hair & make up artists, no stylists, no special lighting etc… “Just a girl and her camera. And rag & bone”.

This post features the beautiful Miranda Kerr. Images were shot in New York & New Zealand by friend, Lily Aldridge, and husband, Orlando Bloom. She wears her favorite – the Skinny in Kensington – with several basic tees among other items.

To see the other models in this campaign check out this link.

I hope that everyone had a great first week of 2012!!


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links to keep your resolutions

Dance like a Diva at City Dance Corps
Give yourself the Total Cleanse
Steam out the stress at Hammam Spa
Dine in
, with friends!
A resolution I can get behind… ‘Madder Music and Stronger Wine’
something new online in your own time
Keep track of days, weeks, the year
Cure stiletto pain with The Health Loft
Empower People to Rise Above Poverty with the Krochet Kids
Skip the coffee shop
Find a fitness mob near you
Paint more with lessons from Walnut Studios
Read more – next up The Elegance of the Hedgehog
Watch more TV??

best of luck with that list ; )


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new years resolutions: get behind the lens

New years resolution number two … spend more time with my camera!! While I might be a little obsessed (sometimes OR all the time) with searching for images that I love, I would like to try harder to use my own images more often. As well as share them with others b/c perhaps they will like them too, just as much as I like theirs ; )

good sunday sleeps before busy weeks… xx

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