take monday off and go shopping

It’s probably one of the best ideas I have had in a long time. Enjoy a nice relaxing weekend, sleep in on Monday morning, hit the gym (Quad obv), and then head to the mall. Yorkdale Mall was the quietest I have EVER seen it and I was able to check-off most things from my list, well things that are not in carts online ready to be checked-out. I learnt that I want every thing @ Club Monaco, there are many wedge bootie contenders on the shelves, and I am going to spend a lot of time in my new Lululemon legwarmers (there’s nothing wrong with picking up a little something for yourself). I hope that everyone else is off to a great start this week, even if there are still large lists to be filled ; )

from above…

1. Elizabeth & James Nile White Topaz Stacking Ring
2. Cameroonian Juju Hats from L’Aviva Home
3. Doxie Scanner
4. Cavalier Classic Shaving Set
5. Up by Jawbone
6. Club Monaco Alaya Fringe Shorts
7. Ladurée Macarons
8. Mason Pearson Detangling Brush


the ultimate inspiration is the deadline

The time to procrastinate is over…the time to work on my school project is now! After a lovely long weekend filled with champagne, macarons (more to come on that in the next edition of MATC), karaoke, dinner with family and brunch with friends I suppose now would be the time to get started. The reward at the end of it will be a new episode of Vampire Diaries  ; )


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macaron and the city: moroco

Last Saturday we went to MoRoCo to try the first macarons in the challenge. They all looked so good and with many interesting flavors it was hard to choose just one! We ended up with a box of 6; chocolate, pistachio, raspberry (my fav), salted caramel, pumpkin spice and vanilla. They were very good. Not too chewy or sweet. The filling was a very soft buttercream. They did not last long.

MoRoCo is a cute place too! Opening in September 2008, they tout themselves as a full service lounge with a variety of ‘table service’ options for dinner, desserts and drinks. With a French inspired menu they specialize if afternoon tea, brunch and desserts. They even have a DJ in the evenings from Thursday to Saturday.

The first thing I thought with I walked in was that it would be a great spot for a girls brunch or tea for a celebration like a wedding or baby shower. Very cute place, I’ll definitely be going back.

have a lovely sunny saturday xx

hi november

enjoy the Tuesday links!


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move over cupcake

The modern day Marie Antoinette would probably say let them eat macarons. More specifically, macarons from Ladurée. The luxury cake and pastry brand is known as the inventor of the double-decker macaron and, while they have just opened up shop – their first shop – in North America (New York City), I doubt that they will be heading north anytime soon. So, that just means that I need to track down the best macarons in Toronto! This terribly difficult assignment will include the following bakeries:


Bobette & Belle

La Bamboche



Cake Opera Co.

Petite Thuet

Stay tuned for reviews ; )


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