italian get-a-way

I’m home!! What a wonderful vacation. My hubby and I cycled { and wined & dined } our way through the beautiful region of Tuscany … a few images above to capture the week…

ciao ; )


toast house + home

I am always inspired by the TOAST collection and their new house&home catalogue does not disappoint! Cool, calm, airy, relaxed… just a few works that come to mine. It has a very Mediterranean vibe, and it looks to me like it is shot in Puglia (a beautiful region in Southern Italy that I have had the pleasure of visiting) because of the Trulli in the pictures { ‘dry stone huts with conical roofs‘ }. It’s an amazing site to see the Trulli of Alberobello in Puglia, which are part of the UNESCO World Heritage sites list; maybe you should go?? Enjoy the rest of the catalogue here.


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