the french quarter

“For their first US outpost, Gildas Loaëc and Masaya Kuroki, creators of the hybrid music and fashion label Kitsuné, chose to drop their bags at the new Nomad hotel. With the opening of the boutique (not to mention a much raved-about restaurant), the hotel has converted a lonely corner of Broadway to a white-hot destination for shopping.        

More than its size, Maison Kitsuné wows with its Parisian splendor — parquet floors, polished marble, elaborate moldings — courtesy of the imagination of designer Anna Vignale and the New York architecture firm TBD. Its a continuation of the Francophile feel of the hotel, with interiors by Jacques García and art curated by Be-Poles. 

Ah yes, and the clothing. The clothing! The house label is marked by a rather lithe-looking fox on the move — kitsuné is Japanese for fox — and is nothing if not obsessive when it comes to detail (which shoppers should expect to see reflected on the price tag): cashmere is from Scotland, denim from Japan, and cotton from Oxford. Alongside is a display of friends of the Kitsuné family: Michel Vivien, Monocle, Aesop, J.M. Weston. And this shopping experience comes with one of the best soundtracks in town. Loaëc, ex-manager of Daft Punk, flaunts his talent for uncovering fresh talent — Dwntwn, Childish Gambino, Heartsrevolution, etc — on the Kitsuné America compilation. Rock on.”

Maison Kitsuné, New York, 1170 Broadway, New York


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au vieux panier

passing through Provence…

“Thankfully, when art and hotels meet, it’s increasingly through more than just the banal hanging of a painting. Hoteliers are getting serious about art, and artists are getting creative with their spaces. The latest lodgings to welcome their guests into a truly immersive art experience is Marseilles’ Au Vieux Panier, a 17th century Corsican grocery shop turned explosive art experience.

From internationally acclaimed street artist Tilt – with his breathtaking half graffitied, half stark-white Panic Room – to design studio Mass Confusion‘s electrifyingly surreal Purgatory Palace; the artists haven’t just thrown a few choice pieces of art at their commissions – they’ve created overwhelming site-specific installations that are easily befitting some of the world’s top galleries.”

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home away from home

Something that has always been more of a tiny thought at the back of my mind really hit home the other day while watching/listening to my friend flip through honeymoon photos at work. She said ‘this is where we sat for drinks each night…’ While I, like many others, have a craving to travel; to explore, to experience and immerse oneself in another culture, to get lost, to let go of everyday tasks, to not have as much responsibility etc… there is also something comforting about finding routine while travelling. I think that’s one part of why, at the end of your travels, there really is nothing like coming home! I know that I am a creature of comfort. I know that I enjoy routine. I think there are varying degrees to which people like their routines, and that I may be a tad of an extremist, but I don’t think that anyone can deny that a little bit of routine keeps him/her sane. So, while you may think you are letting it all go when you are traipsing around the world we do all crave that little bit of sanity. Whether it’s the cocktails that you mix up at the honesty bar on the roof top of your Andalucían boutique hotel (Hotel V Vejer), the cup of tea each night shared with family at the end of the boardwalk in Turks & Caicos, that first stop to Starbucks on New York morning to prepare for a day of Manhattan sized gastronomic adventures and shopping, or those cocktails that my friend and her new husband shared each night at that special table we always need to take that little bit of home with us, when we are not there.


the cape winelands

Well, I didn’t think this part of the day would arrive, as there was a lot to be done in the Ryan Estey house this evening. Tomorrow the ladies of B&R will descend. Flowers had to be bought (from my new favorite florist Poppies – beautiful dinner plate dahlias that were fresh today and puffy hydrangeas), cleaning had to be done and, of course, cupcakes had to be baked. Now it’s my time to sit and organize the playlist and blog, of course!

This Travel Thursday I thought I would focus on one property. Now, in planning my South African escapade I have realized one thing. That this is that the original map will be impossible to cover with the budget and timeframe I am working with. I mean, it’s not that I actually thought I could cover that much African ground in the first go! It looks like we’ll settle on South Africa – of course – and pick a game reserve near Kruger Ntl. Park/Sabi Sands or in Tanzania or Botswana.

One area that I know we will visit is the Cape Winelands and, after looking at may beautiful properties, the one that is leading the race is La Cabrière Country House a beautiful Provencale-style house located in Franschhoek. For the price (which includes afternoon tea and cake – how cute), the location, and the look it definitely seems like a good choice. It’s a small property with only 6 rooms and only a 6-minute walk to the heart of the village.

Franschhoek is approximately 75 kilometers from Cape Town. It is a small town in the Western Cape Province and one of the oldest towns of the Republic of South Africa.

Offering its own cooking school, wine tastings, horseback riding, bicycles & maps or even a hot air balloon ride I can’t wait to start planning my stay in the Cape Winelands! See y’all tmrow ; )


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