in a new york minute

I returned home (late) last night after another fun-filled/exhausting/food overdosed weekend in my favorite city and I learned a few things on this trip…

1. It’s always a good idea to have dinner two reservations during fashion week. After waiting 45 min at the Stanton Social (which I will obv still go to again and again, but am a tad disappointed in) we grabbed the jackets out of coat-check and hopped in a cab for rezo number two at La Esquina. Totally smooth, totally delicious, totally amazing to have a back up plan when it’s 11:30p and you are starving!

2. Sleep No More is an eerie, interactive, and fantastic theatrical experience. Like a haunted house for adults, with Champagne ;)

3. If there was a Babycakes that actually existed in Toronto I would eat cupcakes three times a day so perhaps it’s better if it stays a at a bit of a distance

4. 10 Downing is now a new brunch fav spot, and it’s also where I broke up with potatoes

5. There is a place to buy decently priced, and unique, frames at an eye-wear store called SEE. Now for the unfortunate part, they do not have any locations in Canada. So… I picked up a new pair of frames! However – too bad for me – they would have added the lenses in for free had I been staying in the city for a week and could have picked them up later. Regardless, they have wickedly helpful and pleasant staff – I went to two locations multiple times to pick out the right frame. And, each style/colour has only one piece in store so once it’s gone, and it’s yours, that’s it!

Now, it’s time to rest up and catch up a little bit this week!


buying vintage style glasses online

“At Morgenthal Frederics, the fashionable eyeglass store, a pair of espresso-colored Stephanie frames, hand-carved from 12 layers of horn from Asian water buffaloes, sells for US$1,495. And that’s not counting the mother-of-pearl flourishes, which push the price to US$1,795….

But a new breed of online retailers is trying to upend the design house monopoly. Starting with Warby Parker, these companies design their own lines of vintage-style frames, usually affixed with quirky names like the Preston that were seemingly lifted from a Dartmouth yearbook circa 1949. And they are quickly carving out a following among young, urban myopics.

Sure, buying from these new eyewear shops might mean having to forgo the ostentatious logo and the titanium skeleton. But spending $100 on a pair of stylish glasses also means it’s easier to treat them like any other fashion accessory and swap frames as often as you change shoes.” via

1. CLASSIC SPECS – Neptune in Cabernet Fade
2. WARBY PARKER – Griffith in Greystone
3. EYE FLY – Calle de Serrano in Matte Topez
4. LOOKOMATIC – Glover Sunglasses in Black

These online spec sites are very user friendly. Not only to they give you tips & hints for your face shape, they even all let you ‘try before you buy’ – how convenient!!