home-grown: junction flea market

I’m really trying to put more of a home-grown spin on here at the a&o. So how perfect is this? Every second Sunday of the month, and starting tomorrow, The Junction Flea!

junction flea
I’ll be there to check it out. We’re on the hunt for a wooden crate for a new project and I think this is just the place to find it! xx

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resort life

I am in love with everything about Figue. Stephanie von Watzdorf has designed a year-round-vacation-ready collection meant to be worn any place any time;

Figue (pronounced fig) is a new luxury collection for women created by Stephanie von Watzdorf. Named for the ancient fruit Stephanie enjoyed as a child in Italy, Figue is defined by a global gypsy-meets-jet-set spirit—bringing together the urban energy of Paris and London with the natural beauty of the Mediterranean and Stephanie’s passion for travel. Figue’s core items consist of tunics, kaftans, shirtings, dresses, denim and accessories in colorful, global-inspired prints. One-of-a-kind items—such as reclaimed military jackets, embellished with hand beading, and found limited-edition jewelry and bags—recreate the experience of finding those unique treasures on one’s travels.

Her website is brand new and I don’t doubt that it will be getting a lot of traffic with these amazing vacation inspired style pieces.


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the glam nina ricci lady

“The catalyst for Peter Copping’s new collection was a book called Exactitudes by a pair of Dutch art photographers who took pictures of different people in almost identical outfits. “It got me thinking,” he said, “about what the Nina Ricci uniform is.” First and foremost among the house codes is the little black dress…

All that dwelling on uniforms eventually led the designer to the military looks that made up the strongest part of the collection. We can’t live on cocktail frocks alone, and the little fuchsia sweater and draped and twisted pencil skirt in army green had a wear-everyday appeal that could turn into a growth business for the brand. Still, the most reliable thing about a Ricci pre-fall collection just might be the red-carpet fodder.” via Style.com

For more looks from the Nina Ricci Pre-Fall 2012 collection click here, enjoy!