project re-decorate

We’ve recently got back into a ‘re-decorate phase’. A home, to me, is more of a work in progress. You grow, your home grows. It evolves as your tastes change. Which, for some, may happen quite a lot! I am pretty good about making smart home decor purchases but sometimes it’s out with the old and in with the new! There are a few things that need spiffing up, and a few pics above of new items that are part of the plan;

1. Personal pic taken from the rooftop of Hotel V Vejer in Andalucía
2. Print on fabric from Blackbird Vintage in the Distillery District
3. Palladian Mirror from Restoration Hardware
4. Crystal knob for the bathroom cabinet from Home Depot

Stayed tuned for more ; )


home away from home

Something that has always been more of a tiny thought at the back of my mind really hit home the other day while watching/listening to my friend flip through honeymoon photos at work. She said ‘this is where we sat for drinks each night…’ While I, like many others, have a craving to travel; to explore, to experience and immerse oneself in another culture, to get lost, to let go of everyday tasks, to not have as much responsibility etc… there is also something comforting about finding routine while travelling. I think that’s one part of why, at the end of your travels, there really is nothing like coming home! I know that I am a creature of comfort. I know that I enjoy routine. I think there are varying degrees to which people like their routines, and that I may be a tad of an extremist, but I don’t think that anyone can deny that a little bit of routine keeps him/her sane. So, while you may think you are letting it all go when you are traipsing around the world we do all crave that little bit of sanity. Whether it’s the cocktails that you mix up at the honesty bar on the roof top of your Andalucían boutique hotel (Hotel V Vejer), the cup of tea each night shared with family at the end of the boardwalk in Turks & Caicos, that first stop to Starbucks on New York morning to prepare for a day of Manhattan sized gastronomic adventures and shopping, or those cocktails that my friend and her new husband shared each night at that special table we always need to take that little bit of home with us, when we are not there.