Well, you may have noticed that the a&o is looking a little bit different! I thought that it was time for a re-fresher, re-design, re-decorate etc… In my search for new ideas I have come across a lot of interesting new things, including some amazing branding companies, and I just couldn’t help but share some of their work. The above images are from SAVVY STUDIO.

“Analysis — The Costa Chica concept is closely related to that of its older sister Costa Nueva, a fresh seafood restaurant from the Mexican Pacific Coast. The restaurant itself is a more practical and simple version of its older sibling.

Concept — The visual language for Costa Chica derives from the same guiding concept, which emphasizes the freshness of ingredients and gets you as close as possible to the sea without actually being there.

Identity — By applying graphic elements in smaller amounts, each one of them acquires a greater importance within the visual composition, a direct analogy of the simplicity, freshness and practicality of Costa Chica.

Actions — Branding, naming, print and web advertising.”


[ images ]

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