macaron and the city: moroco

Last Saturday we went to MoRoCo to try the first macarons in the challenge. They all looked so good and with many interesting flavors it was hard to choose just one! We ended up with a box of 6; chocolate, pistachio, raspberry (my fav), salted caramel, pumpkin spice and vanilla. They were very good. Not too chewy or sweet. The filling was a very soft buttercream. They did not last long.

MoRoCo is a cute place too! Opening in September 2008, they tout themselves as a full service lounge with a variety of ‘table service’ options for dinner, desserts and drinks. With a French inspired menu they specialize if afternoon tea, brunch and desserts. They even have a DJ in the evenings from Thursday to Saturday.

The first thing I thought with I walked in was that it would be a great spot for a girls brunch or tea for a celebration like a wedding or baby shower. Very cute place, I’ll definitely be going back.

have a lovely sunny saturday xx

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