prêt à partir

via … “As the world seems to become even smaller and while we traverse it ever more frequently, the question of what to wear on said journeys—be it by plane, train, or automobile—still vexes. On the one hand, you want pieces that are comfortable (even in first class you can get stuck on the tarmac) and practical (only the most skilled can race through Gare du Nord train station in Givenchy’s gold-band pumps without incident). And yet, looking at photos of someone like Veruschka from the 1970s, heading to baggage claim in a tailored coat, floppy hat, and judiciously heeled loafers, one can’t help but feel wistful for a time when the ideas of elegance and travel didn’t seem oceans apart. With this—and the impending holiday vacation season—in mind, Vogue culled stylish and realistic looks to wear en route. Bon voyage.”


[ image 1 : 2 : 3 : 4 : 5 ]

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