thursday again

I had good intentions of posting yesterday but after a long day at work and a full evening at school I was exhausted when I got home and, unfortunately, coming down with a cold. It didn’t stop me from thoroughly enjoying my first class though! It’s a bit hard to tell so early on but I think the class (Fundamentals in Design) is going to be a great learning experience and will really allow me to express my creative side ; )

So today is Thursday and that means this post is all about travel. Now that I am settled back into the daily routine I am thinking (and starting to plan) the next big adventure. Where is it that you would like to go? My destination just happens to be the second largest continent in the world, Africa  – where do I start!

Original brainstorming began from the desire to go to South Africa. The list started with items including the Cape Grace Hotel (1) in Cape Town, the Birkenhead Hotel (2) in Hermanus for whale watching, Shark Alley (3) for cage diving, ‘camping’ in Kruger National Park (4), and the Garden Route & Winelands (5).

But as I started researching the list became longer and longer spanning several countries! Mali, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Madagascar, Botswana (6) etc. etc… It will be a difficult task to narrow it down but I’ve got some time with a start date of November 2012.

Time to rest and curl up on the couch with the pug for a movie. Speaking of movies I am making a list of must sees, which I will post this weekend.


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